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Temporal network tools.

What is the package

Package includes various tools for analyzing temporal network data. Temporal network measures, temporal network generation, derivation of time-varying/dynamic connectivities, plotting functions.

Some extra focus is placed on neuroimaging data (e.g. compatible with BIDS - NB: currently not compliant with latest release candidate of BIDS Derivatives).


With pip installed:

pip install teneto

to upgrade teneto:

pip install teneto -U

Requires: Python 3.6+

Installing teneto via pip installs all python package requirements as well.


More detailed documentation can be found at teneto.readthedocs.io and includes tutorials.


This package is under active development. And a lot of changes will still be made.


For a list of contributors to teneto, see: teneto.readthedocs.io


If using this, please cite us. At present we do not have a dedicated article about teneto, but you can cite the software using the Zenodo DOI and/or the article where teneto is introduced, along with a considerable discussion about many of the measures in teneto:

Thompson et al (2017) “From static to temporal network theory applications to functional brain connectivity.” Network Neuroscience, 2: 1. p.69-99 Link